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Post by League Commissioner on Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:34 pm

I. League Structure and General Provisions
A. In the first season of the league, there will be two (1) conferences with eight (8 ) teams in the conference.

B. Every season, a new eight (8 ) team conference will be added into the league

C. Conferences must always have eight (8 ) teams during any season.

D. Coaches may wish to be added to the waiting list to join next season at any point.

E. Coaching priority for those on the wait list will go in order on which they joined.

F. If a coach fails to produce a team that finishes fourth (4th) or higher in the conference for four (4) consecutive seasons, they will be fired from their job.
a. All coaches currently in the league are guaranteed a job the next season, it may be on a different team however.
b. Coaches in lower conferences will be given the chance to accept or reject a job. They will have one (1) day or they will automatically reject the job offer.

G. At the conclusion of every season, a roll call will be conducted to find out if a coach will be returning for the next season. If a coach does not answer the roll call within two (2) days, he will be hired from his current job and will lose his position in the league.

H. These bylaws are subject to review and change at the conclusion of every season.

A. Before every season a recruiting period will follow the roll call.
1. It will last until every team has filled out all of their fifteen (15) scholarships.
a. A player can be cut at any point, except during the recruiting period, and his scholarship will no longer count towards the team's fifteen (15) scholarships.
i. The cut player will become eligible to transfer the next season.

B. All recruiting bids are due by 7:00 PM EST on their respective days to the league e-mail address (
1. Recruiting bids are the process of allocating points to the players a team wishes to recruit.
a. All teams are given ten (10) points to give to players as they wish in their inaugural season. One (1) bonus point will be awarded to the team that is closest in proximity to the player's hometown bidding on any given day.
b. Beginning in their 2nd season, all teams will have their ten (10) points to allocate plus one (1) for every 5 wins. One (1) additional points will be awarded to a team that wins their conference regular season. Two (2) points will be given to a team that makes the NCAA Tournament. Three (3) points to a team that wins a conference tournament championship and five (5) points to the league champion.
i. The amount of points available to a team carries over to the next season.
ii. Points do not follow the coach, they only remain with that team.
2. If a team fails to e-mail in their allocation of points in by the deadline, points will be distributed randomly to available incoming freshman recruits.

C. Recruits will be available to be bid on for the amount of days equivalent to the number of teams bidding on that player.
1. This number may change daily if another team wishes to join the fray.
2. Effectively, if only one (1) team bids on a player on the first day of bidding on the player, the player automatically joins the only bidding team.

D. Teams can only bid on the players listed under the recruits tab.
1. The number of players in the incoming freshman pool is equal to 120 plus one for every player cut in the entire league before the season.
1. The amount of Junior College Transfers and normal Transfers is subject to change based upon the amount of players people cut and the number of players still available from the previous season.

E. If a player is never recruited during the season, they will join the list of Junior College transfers for next season.

F. If normal transfers do not get recruited by any team, they will become Junior College transfers provided that they are not a Senior for the upcoming season.

G. The Commissioner holds the right to delay recruiting if he cannot perform the task daily.
1. Teams will be informed in advance of this problem.

A. Beginning in season 2, all teams are responsible for putting together a non-conference schedule with the number of games equal to the number of conferences minus 1.
1. The number of available "days" will be explicitly given by the Commissioner at the beginning of each season.
2. When an agreement is reached between teams not in the same conference to play, they are to post it in the corresponding day's game announcement thread.

B. All conference games will be scheduled by the league and will be posted at the beginning of the recruiting period.

C. At the conclusion of the season, a conference tournament will be held based upon the team's finish in conference play.
1. If a teams are tied for a position, head-to-head record will be the first tie-breaker. If that does not solve the issue of a tie, then the teams' record versus the best team in the conference not in the tie-breaker will be compared and will go down the list until a winner is determined. If the tie is not solved after that, a coin flip will decide.

D. An NCAA Tournament will be held every season to determine the league's champion.
1. The NCAA Tournament will be the 1st conference's conference tournament in the first season.
2. The number of teams in the NCAA Tournament for that season will be announced at the beginning of the season.

E. Games will be simmed on a day-to-day basis
1. All lineup changes or preference changes must be given to the commissioner by 7:00PM EST on the day of a game if a player wishes they are implemented for that day's game
2. The Commissioner holds the right to delay the sim if he cannot perform the sim on any given day.
a. A heads up will be given to the league in advance of this.
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